Exploring the future of space governance and policy

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The Center

The Center for Space Governance is a non-profit research organization dedicated to exploring current, emerging, and future issues in space policy. We aim to define and map the field of space governance, advancing effective solutions to address the greatest challenges and opportunities for humanity’s future in space.


Mapping the landscape of space governance to identify key policy areas, organizations, and activities


Addressing the most important questions in space policy to develop new perspectives and solutions


Engaging with policymakers at the UN and national levels to positively shape the future of space governance

Research Areas

We are designing a research agenda which includes current, emerging, and future issues in space policy, allowing us to identify the greatest challenges and opportunities.


Commercial space
Space sustainability
Space for climate
Global governance


Space resources
Space infrastructure
Space weaponization
Great power competition


Constitutional design
Space and artificial intelligence
Moon and Mars settlement
Long-term space futures

Summer Fellowship 2022

We are currently running our first Fellowship program, with a cohort of ten Research Fellows and Affiliates working with us from August to October to develop our research agenda.
Fellowship Details


Bartu Kaleagasi


Gustavs Zilgalvis


Stephen Buono

Research Fellow

Giuliana Rotola

Research Fellow

Morgan Lee

Research Fellow

David Jaffe

Research Fellow

Sama Kubba

Research Fellow

Daniel Skeffington

Research Fellow

Quade MacDonald

Research Fellow

Carson Ezell

Research Fellow

Theodora Ogden

Research Affiliate

Andrew Williams

Research Affiliate

Contact Us

For any questions or expressions of interest, please email us at center@governance.space
We are based in Washington D.C. with team members also located in New York, Oxford, Cambridge, Palo Alto, Boston, London, Munich, and Milan.

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