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The Center

The Center for Space Governance is a research institute dedicated to exploring current, emerging, and future issues in space policy. We are based in New York and San Francisco. Our mission is to advance innovative solutions to address the greatest challenges and opportunities for humanity’s future in space.


Mapping the landscape of space governance to identify the main policy issues, actors, and activities


Examining the most important questions in space policy to develop new perspectives and solutions


Engaging with policymakers at the United Nations, regional, and national levels to shape the future of space

Research Areas


Commercial Space Policy
Sustainable Development
Anti-Satellite Weapons
Space Traffic Management
Norms of Behavior in Space
Space in Modern Warfare


Great Power Competition
Space and Nuclear Security
Commercial Space Stations
Space Resources & Property
Lunar Governance
Planetary Defense


A Constitution for Space
Space and Artificial Intelligence
Future of Warfare in Space
Human Rights in Space
Mars Governance
Settlement Beyond Mars

Fellowship Program 2023

Applications are now closed to join our team. We are curently running our second Fellowship Program, which includes a cohort of Research Fellows, Research Affiliates, and Policy Affiliates.
Fellowship Program


Bartu Kaleagasi


Gustavs Zilgalvis


Tamay Besiroglu


Sam Adlen


Stephen Buono

Research Affiliate

Theodora Ogden

Research Affiliate

Michelle Hermes

Research Affiliate

Samuel Jardine

Research Affiliate

Christian Chung

Research Affiliate

Shannon Abelson

Research Affiliate

Andrew Williams

Research Affiliate

Ian Crawford

Research Affiliate

Fin Moorhouse

Research Affiliate

Cody Knipfer

Policy Affiliate

Alex Coultrup

Policy Affiliate

Robert Montano

Policy Affiliate

Contact Us

For any questions or expressions of interest, please email us at [email protected]

The Center for Space Governance was founded in Washington, D.C. in 2022. We are currently based in New York and San Francisco. We also have team members located in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Brussels, Chicago, Boston, Munich, and Milan.

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